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Synth Touch: Music Draw Plus

Developer: Music Paradise, LLC
29.99 USD

Synth Touch: Music Draw Plus is an incredible sound synthesizer for all music lovers! Make incredible music masterpieces with your fingers! No need to use complicated sequencers and mixers, just try our new application!

HOW TO USE: choose one of the 6 sample tracks, set the tempo, select the desired effect and start recording. Touch the panel to make a sound: horizontal moves will change the pitch, and the vertical – cutoff frequency. Stop recording to loop the composition. Use the sliders to control the track volume.

Synth Touch: Music Draw Plus features:
- Intuitive and mind-blowing controls
- Variety of pre-recorded samples
- Brand new synthesizer
- Powerful effects library
- Eye-pleasing visual interface

Unique sound synthesizer every musician dreamt of is now on the palm of your hand. Synth Touch: Music Draw Plus widens the horizon of your musical possibilities.